Preview: Hack3 & The Ethical Side of Technology

My personal view on the state of technology, and what I'm doing to try and fix it

Aneesh Edara

3 minute read

This is just a preview of a post that I’ll release in a few weeks (after school starts–when we begin to advertise the hackathon). You can find latest info on our website.

Let me give you some perspective

We landed a man on the moon in Apollo 11 with a computer that had 64KB of RAM (random-allocated memory: this is the memory used to run processes).

Nowadays, a smartwatch (e.g. Apple Watch) has 512MB of RAM. That is 512,000KB. That means you can go out and buy a computer that is 8,000x more powerful than the Apollo 11 guidance computer and wear it on your wrist! Even crazier is that my phone has 12GB of ram, which is 12,000,000 KB. My phone is 187,500x more powerful than a computer used to land a man on the moon, and it’s sitting in my pocket!

So what are we doing? We have the power to go through space and land on an extraterrestrial body at our fingertips!

Too bad we’re too busy stealing each other’s data for profit.

What is Hack3?

Over the past few years, as my team and I have gone to hackathons all over New England, and even to some international (we went to Japan). Over that time, we’ve learned just how great hackathons are in developing skills and interest in computer science, and why they are really important. At the same time, we’ve witnessed countless incidents of technological abuse for purposes of greed and corruption. We’ve used our powerful technologies in unethical and unimpactful ways that in the long run, hurt humanity as a whole. Some pretty big examples of these incidents, such as, GlaxoSmithKline and Cambridge Analytica. I believe that, as a society, we are currently straying away from the foundation of technological advancement: the furtherment of humanity. I believe we are actively holding ourselves back, and if we don’t do something soon, we’ll be down a rabbit-hole without an exit.

Hack3 is designed with this idea in mind: that we need to become more ethically conscious unless our plan all along is to hold ourselves back. There are so many things in this world that we can solve if put our minds to the right thing. With Hack3, we want to show the next generation the sheer power that they hold at their fingertips, how to use that power, why they must do so safely and ethically, and what will the outcome be if they fail to fix our current state.

So what does Hack3 do different?


Estimated Full Release: August 28th, 2019